Video Deomonstration Instructions

Fish Tank Demonstration

  • Obtain a fish tank, mirror, and laser.
  • Fill the fish tank or other glass container with water. Add a small amount of milk or creamer until the water becomes foggy.
  • Attach a mirror to a mounting system. If you do not have a mounting system, you can tape a popsicle stick to the back of the mirror.
  • Insert the mirror into the water and point the laser beam toward the mirror.*

Protractor Demonstration

  • Obtain a textbook, mirror, paper with a straight line on it, protractor, ray box or flashlight, and electrical tape (if using a flashlight instead of a ray box).
  • Tape the back of a mirror to a textbook or another sturdy object so that it stands perpendicular to the surface you are working on.
  • Set a piece of paper with the straight line on it against the mirror so that the line is perpendicular to the mirror. This line will serve as the normal.
  • Set a protractor on top of the normal. Make sure the normal sits on the 90┬░ mark.
  • Use a ray box or flashlight to measure angles. If using a flashlight, see the following directions to make a beam appear. If using a ray box, disregard the following directions.
  • If you are using a flashlight instead of a ray box, place electrical tape on either side of the flashlight, creating a small sliver for light to come through. The face of the flashlight should look like this:

Downloadable Lab

Students will explore the Law of Reflection by finding the relationship between the angle of incidence and angle of reflection. All lab experiments are follow the scientific method and are ready to download, print, and use!

*Lasers should always be used with caution and you should never look directly at a laser or point a laser towards anyone.