Build Your Own Periscope Kit

Build Your Own Periscope

Periscopes are tools that allow you to see over or around an object. In this Inspiration Kit’s periscope, light hits the top mirror and reflects down to the bottom mirror. It then hits the bottom mirror and reflects into your eye. U.S. submarine periscopes, that are made using the same principles as the one in this kit, allow viewers to see the outside world from up to 60 feet underwater!

Kit includes: 2 mirrors, template, I love Optics stickers, directions

What You'll Need

  • Periscope Template, included
  • Two Mirrors, included
  • Cereal Box or Poster Board
  • Scissors
  • Masking Tape
  • Glue

Experiment Instructions

Paste the periscope template to the cereal box. Once it dries, cut the template on the solid lines. Fold the template on the dotted lines, creating a rectangular prism. Tape the periscope where indicated on the template. Paste the mirrors on the shaded area of the template. Wait for the glue to dry.