Bending Light Experiment Kit

Edmund Scientific Kit - Get Squared: Bending Light Experiment

Refraction and reflection of light are two fun, interesting, and useful ways that light waves behave. Experiment with refraction and reflection using prisms and a laser.

You rely on optics every day – your cell phone and video game system use optics to move and bend light. Prisms are a fun and easy way to move light. When light hits the glass, it will either bend (refract) or reflect. The angle at which the light hits the glass will determine if the light is bent or reflected. By placing the prisms in different locations or using different shaped prisms you can easily change how the light moves in your experiment.

Kit includes: laser pointer, 4 prisms, I love Optics stickers, directions

Experiment Instructions

Shine the laser through one of the prisms.

  • Where does the laser spot come out?
  • Can you align multiple prisms to bend the light around corners?
  • What happens when you move the prisms or change the angle at which the laser hits it?
  • Does the light still move in the same direction?

Edmund Scientific Kit - Get Squared: Bending Light Experiment

Lasers should always be used with caution and you should never look directly at a laser or point a laser towards anyone.