Inspiration Kits: Inspiring the Optical Scientist in You!

Edmund Scientific Inspiration Kits are designed to introduce students to optical science and engage students in innovative optical experimentation. We are proud to offer these kits at cost with free shipping. Please use promo code ESKITS when purchasing your kit to receive the free shipping benefit. Kits include educational grade optics, ideal for showing students the wonders of optical science. Motivate your students and bring fun, intriguing optical investigations to your classroom today!

Build Your Own Periscope Kit

Two mirrors and a periscope template are provided to build your own periscope and see over or around objects!

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EO Box Projector Kit

Ready! Set! Project! A cardboard box, templates, and a lens are provided to create your very own mini projector! Start projecting now!

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Bending Light Experiment Kit

Four right angle prisms and a laser are provided to bend light into a square and other shapes!

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